What makes our team of Dedicated Korean Teachers engaging and successful?

We ensure that our teachers possess sufficient experience, international exposure and of course, a deep love for languages. What sets us apart is our excellent mix of native and non-native speakers, which creates a unique blend of different cultural approaches of pedagogies. This allows our teachers to learn from each other and grow as a cohesive unit.

Kim Minsun

As a talented native speaker, Minsun teaches young children at Agape School. As she also has young children at home, she is no stranger to taking care of, connecting with and teaching children with love and sincerity. Minsun tries to design her classes with songs, games, role-play, and crafts, which children love. Her unique cheerful and bright personality fills her class with fun and joy. Additionally, she loves to help anyone who has an interest in learning the Korean language.

Julie Yang

Julie has been with Agape School of Education for four years. Her success as a teacher can be seen through her students, many of whom have stayed with her for years. Her encouragement, caring and patience are her tools to guiding her students to success. Her dedication can be seen in her students’ performance at the TOPIK (an international test of proficiency in the Korean language), who have passed with flying colours.