Korean Playgroup (3 to 5 years old)

Expose your child to Korean through songs, dance, art, role-plays and more!

The most frequently asked question by parents is, "How do we find ways for our kids to interact more with others in the Korean language?" What better way than to inspire and to motivate children to learn a language than through their interaction with other children in our language playgroup.

The playgroup is conducted by a well-trained, native Korean instructor, encourage children in the playgroup with a range of activities designed to motivate and stimulate their interest and communication in Korean.

Playgroup activities include music and singing, imaginative play, free play, arts and crafts, and fun games.

In addition to providing more opportunities for your child to hear, speak, and interact with other children in Korean, they'll also make friends, which created an enormous motivation to learn the language. Friendships developed here can become life-long bonds amongst playmates and it is a great way to put into practice and use the language for many years to come.

Young children love new experiences and though our playgroup activities that help stimulate their sensory, social and communication skills.

Contact us for more details on how to register your little one for our Korean playgroup!

Playgroup (3-5 years)