100% Customisation

Korean classes tailored to suit your needs at affordable rates.

We offer 100% customisation of our Korean language courses to suit your specific needs. Why not gain a business-level fluency in Korean? Be it corporate or individual courses, Agape School offers tailored courses for every business need.

Beyond Korean for business, learning to speak another language can help break down barriers in daily life, and on holiday or vacation. When you visit Korea and meet her people, the ability to speak their language could mean that you’re less likely to miss your ferry or pay through the nose for souvenirs. Perhaps the most striking difference you’ll recognise is that you’ll feel comfortable in new environments. Everything may seem unfamiliar, but you’ll be able to navigate your way around with help from the best guide there is - human interaction.

Even a basic knowledge of the language can make a big difference in your close relationships, such as with family, friends, relatives, and neighbours who speak different languages from you. You can break down language barriers and communicate, truly understand, and get along with them, creating a sincere relationship.

If you need quick and instant Korean language progress for your holiday or personal relationships, contact Agape School to enquire about a customised class just for you.