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People are getting more and more interested in South Korea, its language and its traditions. Many people listen to K-pop and watch Korean movies and soap operas too!

If you would like to expose your child to the Korean language and culture, or to be immersed culturally and linguistically amongst other children from different backgrounds, come along and have fun with our playgroup.

Open for children (from 18 months – 5 years), Agape School’s Korean Playgroup uses different fun methods to engage kids, such as role-play, songs, and games. Unlike normal classes, they aren’t bored! This program will help the children to build up a solid Korean language foundation and keep up their interest for further development.

If your work involves regular contact with speakers of Korean, being able to talk to them in their own language will help you to communicate better with them. It may also help you increase sales, find a new job or get a transfer overseas, for greater career opportunities.

Agape School of Education offers more than just Korean language education - you will also better understand the culture, history, and business etiquette of Koreans. Get in touch with us to find the best class for your individual needs.

You may have struggled with a language barrier with your partner, in-laws, relatives or friends who speak Korean. Or you may want to be closer to your friends or neighbours who speak Korean.

Agape School of Education helps you learn Korean to communicate with them better. Our experienced teachers impart useful knowledge to maintain good relationships with others, based on Korea’s unique culture and history.

If you have a plan to visit Korea for a holiday, learning the Korean language in advance helps a lot! Otherwise, you would only stick to popular tourist accommodations and attractions without immersing yourself in the daily lives of most Korean people.

Agape School of Education’s classes enable you to learn the basics of Korean that are essential of everyday life on a holiday, such as greetings, ordering at restaurants and buying tickets. More importantly, you can engage in real conversations with the people you meet, which can be very fun. Feel free to contact us to make your holiday more colourful. We are always ready to help you.

Korea has been a global leader in various industry divisions, including cutting-edge technology, beauty and fashion, popular culture, and art. An increasing number of people hope to further their education in internationally-recognised Korean universities.

However, it’s clear that only the few with sufficient proficiency in the Korean language get the chance. Agape School of Education helps you get the chance to secure a spot in a Korean university because we not only teach our students the Korean language but also impart knowledge of culture and history.

Let us help you in your dream to study in Korea.

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Adult Classes
Do you have to improve your Korean language skills because you work for a Korean company? Do you want to get familiar Korean culture for better business matters? Do you love K-POP or Korean dramas? Whatever your reason to learn Korean, we at Agape School of Education can help you better find a language course which fulfills your specific needs.
If you would like to expose your child (3-6 years old) to the Korean language and culture, come along and have fun with us. We use diversified teaching methods, so everyone can really enjoy every minute of their class. This class will help the children build up a solid Korean language foundation and keep up their interest for further language development.
TOPIK Exam Preparation
At Agape School of Education, we organize the best of TOPIK test preparation classes for interested candidates who want to succeed in the exam in the shortest time possible. Passing the TOPIK tests gives you many benefits, such as entering college/graduate school in Korea or finding a job in Korean companies.
Customised Classes
If you’re looking for Korean language programmes that are not found on our site, don’t worry! We provide highly customised Korean classes suited for every need at all levels. Our course materials will also follow the requirements that you have specified, and go beyond the normal coursework. Contact us to find out more!
Korean culture forms an integral part of our Korean language courses and teaching, not only in our course material but also in additional information provided by our teachers through anecdotes, music, news and games. Students’ testimonies speak of the success and variety in our Korean language courses. Want to read directly what they think about us?
Our Korean teachers are native speakers who would share their extensive knowledge and offer a wide range of insights into the Korean language and culture. Let us introduce them to you.

At the Korean Desk of Agape School of Education, you would have the opportunities to learn the Korean language and culture through the various Korean language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Korean language and culture.

Send your enquiries to [email protected] so that we could provide you with more information on our Korean language courses.

Our Curriculum

We offer Academic courses for schooling students, general courses for those who want to learn, and also the specialised courses.